Paraddax, “the sensational specialist”, we are a show and spectacular effect company, created to offer a complete and quality service to event professionals.

Since our birth, related to the design and production of aerial paramotors shows, we follow a constant path of research and development. Our specialisation in unique and impacting shows has considerably evolved during our 10 years of experience as “the sensational specialist”.                                               
In the same way, to ensure every project goes smoothly, we created strong multidisciplinary teams. This made us open-minded, flexible and conscious of the importance to know how to integrate and adapt to each agency and team.

Without the active knowledge exchange, experiences and our notable collaboration spirit with all parties implicated in each project, we could not have grown nor evolved like we did. Consequently, day after day, Paraddax is connected with a world-wide professional network and large-scale companies in our field.

Additionally to offer a large products and services catalogue under the label of spectacular and innovation, Paraddax is also a factory of ideas and creative concepts. Our inspiration comes from the creative alchemy of the four natural elements: Water, Ground, Air and Fire. The infinite possibilities of combination between them, applied to each specific case, produce surprising, personalized and unique creative results.

With all these ingredients, Paraddax has built a solid professional career, recognized by the trust of many leading companies and institutions in the world of shows and spectacular actions of all sizes in more than 40 countries.

We invite you to use our Elements Wheel. To begin, you may place your project in the center and let you be carried away by your imagination… we will then help you to transform your project into an impacting reality.

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